If you live in the United States and you haven't seen billboards with the quote "#whoisMuhammad" prepare yourself because chance are you soon will.

A group called the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) has plans to put up over a hundred billboards proselytizing Islam and the benefits of learning about the Muslim prophet Muhammad. Billboards are already in place near major U.S. cities and the group wants to continue to spread its influence.

While much of the information on ICNA's website, WhyIslam.org, seeks to highlight the peaceful portions of the Muslim religion, including the benefits of prayer, Qu'ran references to Jesus, and a denouncement of terrorism, according to an investigative group, the Investigative Project on Terrorism, ICNA includes as one of its overarching goals the creation of a worldwide Muslim caliphate.

For those unfamiliar with the term, "caliphate" and what that entails, Muslim followers believe that the whole world should be united under Muslim law and rule and that peace will only come when this is achieved.

For Muslims this likely sounds like a great PR campaign by ICNA, to help Americans see the good in Islam. And it's true that the Muslim religion is not wholly confined to terrorism or violent proselytizing. There is a lot of peace and goodwill in the Muslim faith.

However, in the United States we value freedom of religion. It's one of our basic tenets. So for a group to proclaim that they disavow themselves from Muslim Jihadists but still support the creation of a worldwide caliphate is something that we find hard to swallow.

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Freedom of speech protects, and should protect, the ICNA's billboards advertising information about Islam. That's a freedom we value here. But those same groups afforded freedom of speech ned to understand that we are also just as free to push back against the spread of Islam, to talk about some of the evils that are being committed around the world in the name of Muhammad.

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