Abdullah Zaik Abd Rahman

One would think that by their actions these two ideologies, that of secular progressives and Muslims (radical or not), are on the same page. Perhaps it’s a cultural thing and self-aggrandized Muslim liberals (if there is such a thing), need to grovel just a little more, perhaps do an “Obama bow”, when greeting fellow Muslims.

After all if our Judas Pope could reference Islam as a “peaceful religion” while Christians are being murdered, raped and beheaded, secular progressives could be a little more religious and take  Islamist group leader Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) advice and  “Submit to Islam”!

Saying that; “liberalism can only co-exist with Islam if it is willing to submit to an Islamic system, as the ideology is a malleable man-made system compared to a religion that is bestowed by God.

Speaking in a forum on liberalism and faith, Isma president Abdullah Zaik Abd Rahman said Islam cannot be reformed or amended by any parties, chiding so-called “liberal Muslim” for using Western philosophies born of “dark ages” in doing so.

He continued: If liberalism tries to redefine or reform Islam following the demands of liberal basis, hat maybe can never be accepted by Islam.”

What Rahman is saying and what we have been reading about in history books and what we’ve recently witnessed with ISIS and other radical Islamic groups, is that Islam is an “all” or “nothing at all” proposition, and like the old-time Mafia you’re either in or you’re dead.

Source: Louder With Crowder



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