Muslims from all over the state of Texas gathered in Austin for Texas Muslim Capitol Day. The day was planned by the Council on American-Islamic Relations as a way for Muslims to meet with representatives to discuss legislation that they felt was important to the Muslim community. This list included CAIR Director, Mustafa Carroll, who you might remember from this story.


The Muslim attendees of the rally outside of the Texas Capitol building were not met with open arms, protesters gathered around with signs, one sign was decorated with a Mohamed cartoon in the style of Charlie Hebdo's Mohamed. The cartoon was holding a sign that said "FALSE PROPHET" the rest of the sign said, "Mohammed No Sharia, Go Home!"

One protester stood out in particular, Christine Weick. She stormed the event's podium while wearing a shirt with the "noon" symbol, the symbol ISIS was marking on houses to indicate Christians occupied them. She yelled into the microphone, ". . . the false prophet Mohamed. Islam will never dominate the United States and by the grace of God it will not dominate Texas." Her words were met with cheers from the anti-Muslim protesters, while the Capitol Day organizers were seen scrambling to quickly regain control of the situation.

Tensions are rising between Muslims and non-Muslims in the wake of the terrorist attacks around the world, and with ISIS's threats to attempt to conquer Europe and the United States. Texas is also a hotbed of tension after the first Sharia tribunal was recently opened in Dallas. It's hard for many Americans to not feel threatened by Muslims when there have been so many calls by ISIS and other Islamic groups to destroy the West any way they can, including trying to affect legislation in favor of Muslim principles. If the attacks in Paris taught the world one thing, it's that nowhere is safe, and extremists are no longer few and far between. The lack of condemnation from Muslim leaders makes it hard to believe that they don't support terrorism.



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