Host Alfonzo Rachel's recent episode of his show Zonation takes a hard look at Michelle Obama's recent commencement speech to black students at Tuskegee University. In Michelle's speech she told the graduating class that essentially their education wouldn't matter as much as a non black person and that they would be discriminated against in every single possible way imaginable.

Rachel explains that Tuskegee University founder Booker T. Washington has warned students of the exact type of race baiting message that Michelle Obama is peddling to these students. Washington warned that self-serving agitators like Obama would use race to agitate black people and perpetuate negativity within black communities.

“The sad part is that despite your supposed pro-black mentality, the black community doesn’t prosper for it. The black community is growing in discontent; and this is what you want.” said Rachel.

Rachel has a much more positive message for these students. Be proud of your achievements.

“What makes the tension die down, is getting out there and using your God-given talent to be of good service to each other. That’s what gets respect.”

h/t: Western Journalism

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