Most average Americans plan vacations for fun and relaxation, however if you’re Marine Corps Sergeant Patrick Maxwell you may decide to spend your vacation and volunteer to go back to the Middle East and kill a few terrorists.

Sergeant Maxwell left the military with an honorable discharge a couple of years ago, and decided to return back as a civilian to fight ISIS, and this is why he’s doing it; I’m very libertarian in my beliefs and I don’t think we need to be committing U.S. boots to the ground to do another long war like that.

But myself as a private citizen—if I want to go take a vacation and shoot some terrorists in the process, that should be my own business”.

He continued; “We weren’t actively seeking out the enemy. There’s not a lot of incentive to go out and find the enemy and engage them, so [it’s] … sitting back and watching each other across a no man’s land with trenches and flags set up.”

What Maxwell (and other veterans) is doing, was actually proposed by presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul, as a way to deal with terrorists without actually committing American ground troops, and a little known prevision called “letters of margue and reprisal” within our Constitution which recognizes civilian “bounty hunters” and awards prize money if they can capture and or kill high-profile criminals.

This seems like a great way for this a special breed of patriot, to spend a summer vacation!

h/t: Rare

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