Would you say that our nation is over-crowded? Is the American citizen a scourge upon the beauty of the little that is left in terms of our natural un-developed raw lands?

If you think so, then you are buying into the lie put for by nearly every left-winger, and most certainly that of a tree-hugger (speaking as a reformed tree-hugger).

In case you missed the miles upon miles of barbed wire along the highways of the desert, behind which stands the Welcome to YOUR Public Lands, here is some enlightening news, courtesy of the Federalist Papers.

Take a look at the map. Do you see all that green in say, Alaska? How about California, Oregon, and Nevada? Those are your public lands, people.


Those are the human being over-run wilds of our great country! Oh wait. Those are the undeveloped raw lands where nobody is allowed to live. Check out the East Coast and Heartland, where most of these tree-hugging save-the-planet laws originate.  Hmmm. Looks like there is isn’t much in terms of public land.

That is because prior to the time of the land-gobble by DC went down, there was this belief in private property rights. “Go West Young Man!” ultimately led to a belief that private property ownership is a no-no.

This became the goal and work of Progressives. Liberal heroes like Woodrow Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt (Democrat and RINO, respectively), had no problem abolishing the notion of “individualism.”

This was the beginning of the erosion of our Constitutional rights, according to the Heritage Foundation. We the People, were (and are) too stupid to manage our own land.

Funny how private property, ranches, farms, what few reaches of privately owned forest, beach fronts, and Great Plains are left, are pristine.

Yet our National Parks have garbage for trails, not to mention restroom facilities, underground and above ground utilities, roads cut through, wildfires galore, falling down buildings that are “historic preservation” at its worst. Roll over to private land and you will see little in terms of land damaging infrastructure.

Is it any wonder we watched Malheur happen? Yet, the government continues to gobble it up, via some pretty rank measures; lighting fire to people’s property to burn them out. So, who is the scourge?

Source: Conservative Tribune


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