In what can only be called a pretty creative take on the “Jäger Bomb,” a mixed drink of Jägermeister and Red Bull, popular at college parties, this young man took it to the next level. He went as a Jäger Bomber.

Dressed-up, in a sarcastic take on a Middle Eastern bomber, this Penn State University (presumably a student), was strapped down with a vest loaded with the two drinks of choice.

Naturally Muslims are ticked. What doesn’t offend Muslims? Can you think of anything?


The responses range from the whiny, “My family is from the Middle East and I took offense…,” to that of the seemingly collegiate illiterate, which sadly are becoming the norm, whereby “cultural appropriation” is not funny, because “solders [sic]” died, and he might be offending “23% of the global population.”

Funny thing about this is a SAUDI ARABIAN student snapped the photo and found it hilarious.

Muslims need to lighten up. Perhaps throw back a Jäger Bomb and “un-strap”  a bit.


While you’re at it, remember where you live and not where you or your ancestors are from.

Nobody really cares. Your ceaseless taking of offense is offensive to everyone else and YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL and America, or the world for that matter, does not worship at your feet or have an obligation to make sure you are happy all the time.


The kid who wore the costume had the best response;

“This is America where we have freedom of speech and freedom of expression. I will wear whatever costume I want and if you don’t like it you can GET OUT!”

Source: Mad World News

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