“You say Black Lives Matter? Her life mattered. Her dreams mattered. Her future mattered. Her promises mattered. It mattered.”

“Yet, you trifling mother-f**kers out there tearing up the neighborhood I grew up in.”

-Peggy Hubbard-


That is only a very small part of her passion-filled,from the heart, angry rant, in response to the killing of 9-year old Jamyla Bolden, by a stray bullet that penetrated the walls of her home, and then her heart, as she sat on her mother’s bed, doing her homework.

Her statement is also full of personal tales, such as how she was raised by a single mother and is one of eight children. One of her siblings died because he went down the wrong path. Not only that, but Hubbard relays this;

“I got a kid locked up. Oh yeah. I put him there. I turned his ass in. Yes I did. Because you know what? I am a strong black woman.

I am a black mother. I told my children, if you f**k up, if you go to jail, I am not getting you out. You will stay there. You will do the time. I’m not putting nothing on your books, I ain’t coming to visit you, I ain’t sending you magazines, I ain’t doin s**t for you. Because I did everything I could for you out here and yet you chose to go in there. F**k you.”

She tells her son how disappointed she is after she and his father raised him to be something other than a criminal. Her parting words to her son? Don’t drop the soap.

Peggy Hubbard has had enough! She is quickly becoming the face of a nation tired of this thug rioting BS. She goes on to say that for all their hollering Black Lives Matter, it doesn’t matter-not to white people, not to black people, and certainly not to the rioting thug.

“How many times is somebody gonna tell you to stop doing that s**t before they do something to you?”

“They’re gonna pop a cap in your ass. You shoot at them, they’re gonna shoot at you.”

If you try to kill a cop, Hubbard relays,

“Their job is to serve and protect, not serve and die.”

Thank you Peggy Hubbard for being a voice of reason in this period of violent insanity.

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