Abdullah Ismail was sent to meet his 70-some-odd virgins this past week. The nice thing is it did not take any US or allied force intervention to send him to his Allah bestowed kingdom of martyrs. Nope. It simply took Old Glory.

As part of a 10,000 person hate-America rally in Lahore (Pakistan), Ismail took part in the setting of American flags ablaze. The article linked above says the rally was in protest of the film “Innocence of Muslims.” You know, the one that was blamed for Benghazi. Are we STILL using that excuse for what these animals are doing? How pathetic.

While those morons over there in Pakistan might have found this as a reason to organize, let’s face it, they protest ANYTHING not Islam and kill anything not Islam. If they could find a way to kill a rock, they would.

Regardless, Ismail had the opportunity few in the world get. He got to inhale the sweet smell of American freedom. Ah yes, he got to breathe in what it is like to stand by Old Glory, our proud banner of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. His lungs were filled with the smell of the freedom as our flags burned all around him during one of their death-to-America chants, in the guise of a demand for our country to make a law against blaspheming Muhammed.

Too bad for him the smoke ignited a bad reaction that left him feeling ill, and ultimately he died.

We should celebrate his freedom, because he was released from his own insanity and freed from the bonds of this earth.

Sweet justice.

h/t: Fox News

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