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Perhaps President Obama is correct! There is indeed “Income Inequality”, and it apparently begins and ends at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue! For the average American family a vacation usually means a week at the shore, or a trip to one of America’s scenic parks, or perhaps a trip to Disneyland.


However if you’re this “first family” that simply won’t do, and aside from the countless vacation trips abroad to exotic resorts costing the American tax payer in the neighborhood of hundreds of millions of dollars.


Even a local getaway vacation of 17-days, at Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, for this particular “first Family” costs a staggering $22.5 million dollars. Of course the home is complete with six bedrooms, five bathrooms, an oversized fireplace and a heated infinity pool. Not to shabby for a guy who started out as a community organizer.


Described as a “private vacationer’s dream,” the plush 7,000-square foot mansion is tucked away in a nine-and-a-half acre estate with scenic views of the Atlantic Ocean, seen from the double-height windowed walls in the sunken living room, and private study.

It’s always amusing listening to the likes of Hillary Clinton or Barry Obama speak of “income inequality”, and making it a center piece of their progressive agenda and then pretending to understand the issues facing middle America, while spending almost $23 million dollars on a vacation or as a presidential candidate forking over $600 for a haircut, that quite likely may be a week's salary for many Americans.


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