After the horrendous terrorist attack at the French satire paper Charlie Hebdo cartoonists from all over the world joined together with pen and ink and drew cartoons in support of the 11 injured and 12 people who were killed by terrorists over a simple cartoon.

There was however one cartoonist and satirist (because there's always one) that has come out not supporting the show of solidarity among cartoonists, his name Joe Sacco. He recently published a cartoon that illustrated what he believes to be the limits of satire and suggested that there must be some reason for the terrorists to go on a killing rampage over offensive cartoons.

Sacco's response cartoon:


In Sacco's mind Charlie Hebdo crossed a line when they published the cartoons of Muhammad. How did Sacco show his interpretation of the line? He drew a black cartoon character falling out of a tree while holding a banana, and then he drew another frame of a Jewish character "counting his money in the entrails of the working class." Because somehow those cartoons are the same as what Charlie Hebdo published. Although, Sacco was downright racist, where as Charlie Hebdo was doing a caricature of a religion's prophet often used to rationalize murder. Sacco also continued in his cartoon to sympathize with the terrorists by suggesting that it's not right to say that "there's something deeply wrong with them" because that conclusion causes us to not fit into each other's worlds.

The problem with Sacco's cartoon is that he fails to actually address the issue of 12 people losing their lives because some people can't handle satire. Sure, he mentions that he was filled with "sadness" when cartoonists "[his] tribe" were killed. But in the same breath he went straight to victim blaming, stating their satire was too much, it was too offensive--even though the nature of satire is to offend. He suggests that we should all try to live in each other's worlds, and assimilate to each other's beliefs. Which leads us to another problem with Sacco's cartoon: he fails to address the fact that Jihadists don't want to live in a world where people have opposing views, that is after all why they murdered 12 people.

Like most Social Justice Warrior's Sacco preaches equality and tolerance, but only tolerance for those that he agrees with, he only wants freedom of speech for speech he sees as being responsible. Of course, that's not freedom that's called fascism. He doesn't agree with Charlie Hebdo's use of satire, so he has now labeled it the same as using black face or the equivalent of anti-semitic, even though Charlie Hebdo didn't attack any race, they drew a specific person in a cartoon. But, if Social Justice Warriors can defame and call someone, or something, racist then it works in their favor and helps push their cause.

Obviously Sacco hasn't learned the lesson that the French just did, that accepting Muslim extremists with open arms doesn't save anyone from the hellfire of their bullets or the sharp edge of their swords. In the world of extremists the only people that are safe are the ones that are on their side, even then you may die as fodder for their cause.


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