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District Court Judge Terrence G. Berg, age 55 and white, was gunned down by two black men who attempted to rob him right outside of his own home.

So, where did the mainstream media go?

The liberal news crews, reporters, media wagons with thousands upon thousands of dollars of transmission equipment all remain silent. Serious crickets here. Yet, when a black thug attacks a police officer and gets himself shot, you'll see, hear and read about it for months to come.  Maybe if this judge was black and was shot by a white criminal, they would have swarmed it like the locusts they've become, feeding off of the media frenzy with a buzzing attitude.  Since it was the other way around, the recipe for race riots and sensationalism is too bitter for their liberal wagging tongues.

Ann Sevier, the Judge's wife, who was at home during the brutal attack, told authorities that the two black men demanded entry into the house. Instead of buckling under in fear, the courageous judge protected his wife and home by refusing their demands. The 55 year old resident of Michigan was blasted twice, and he started hollering a warning to his wife, and hollering out for anyone, for any other person, to help in some way.

An ambulance arrived in time to get the judge to a hospital, where after surgery, he is currently recovering from his ordeal. As for the two thugs, they remain at large as of this time, and all the police can determine is that the criminals probably didn't intentionally target a judge. It was noted that the thugs were also driving a black Charger or a Chrysler 300.

Perhaps they didn't specifically target a judge, but I'm more than confident they targeted the rich white guy in front of a nice looking home, looking to score some vigilante style reparations. Our liberal media loves to scream at racism, but can't stand it when such racism comes from their side of the aisle. If they don't report it, then it didn't happen in their minds, which isn't what journalism is about.

When a police officer uses justified deadly force to stop a black criminal, and the liberal media slams the incident as wrong, yet remains totally silent when a judge is shot by two black men, it becomes a sad day in our nation when such audacity remains unrecognized and unpunished. Law abiding citizens have much to fear from such social examples. Not because it will mean that the Liberal media will refuse to do their journalistic duties. It's because the message to black criminals everywhere will have them rubbing their hands together for the next incident, knowing for a fact that their crimes against whites may very well be ignored.


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