The country of Italy is known for many things. Pasta, the leaning tower, gondolas, are among these things. However, now, it will be seen a place where is Islam is not welcome to expand its influence. According to Mad World News, Northern Italy is cracking down on Islamic terrorism by thwarting the spread of Islam in its own borders. Italian legislators wrote and passed a law that, essentially, halts any future construction of mosques. That is unless they have specific permission. It also very specifically monitors all current mosques in the country.

Naturally, lefties, are up in arms over the bill and are calling it an “anti-mosque” law. The monitoring in question, would require all mosques to install closed circuit cameras. This for the sake of law enforcement to monitor the internal day-to-day activities of the mosque and those who attend. The non-leftist opinion in the country is very positive. The political proponents say the citizens want the law. The belief is that it will help quell the fear of increasing Muslim migration, as Islam is the second largest religion in Italy. Second only to Catholicism, obviously.

The fear naturally comes from the increase of Islamic terrorism in recent years and, more specifically, from the attacks on the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. With an attack near your backyard, it is natural to be concerned that your yard is next. One of the Italian politicians that are backing the bill had a less than polite statement regarding the opponents.

“The presence of Muslims in Lombardy is not indispensable. I say to anyone who doesn’t like this law: go home.”

A Milan, Italy city councilor, Pierfrancesco Majorino, feels that the law is “discriminatory”.

“The new rules are discriminatory and inopportune. They are a punch in the face to any attempt at dialogue between cultures.”

Critics of the new law extend “across the pond”, as they say, Daily Beast writer Barbie Nadeau had harsh, leftist commentary on the subject.

“Blatant anti-Islamic racism was bound to happen sooner or later as fear continues to spread across Europe after the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris. And there is nothing subtle about a new measure being considered in Italy’s often-xenophobic northern regions.”


It is unclear if these actions will be preventative, or help at all, but it does show that Italy is concerned. In America, our President and his Islamic terrorism deniers, are still working up the courage to the say the would “Islamic Terrorist”.

What are your thoughts? Was this the right move, too tough of a move, or the flat-out wrong move? What ideas for dealing with Islamic terrorism would you implement, or are we doing everything that is necessary?

Leave your ideas below.


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