Sometimes heroes come in the unlikeliest form, surprising all they encounter.

When it comes to this tale, the same can be said.

Lucas, which means derivatives of “light” or “bringer of light”, certainly shed some light on a pretty dark a situation. Lucas’ partner, Sheriff's Deputy (Long Beach, Mississippi), Todd Frazier, was in a bad spot. Frazier had been taken down in the line of duty and was about to die. Officer Frazier had been investigating a car parked on the side of the road. There, he found a man inside the car, but before he could determine what it was he was actually seeing, he was jumped by two other men. These two, and the guy in the car, proceeded to drag Officer Frazier off the road and into the woods where they began a violent assault. The assault involved beating him and threatening to kill him by slitting his throat.

How Officer Frazier kept his wits about him is in and of itself a testament to his strength and will to live. Frazier had his vehicle’s remote entry key fob on him, and managed to unlock the car. With this, “Officer” Lucas went into action. You see, Lucas in a K-9, and such officers are dedicated to their partners and will defend them to the death, something Officer Frazier was well aware of.

Lucas did not disappoint. He found his partner in dire straights and proceeded to take matter into his own paws, and jaw, attacking, biting and running-off the attackers. Officer, Frazier though injured having been slashed across his forehead, is no worse for wear, and Lucas was unharmed.


The Sherriff’s Department is on the hunt for these backwater thugs, likely part of the Black Gangster Disciples, whose mission in life is to attack, and seemingly kill cops.

The loyalty of a K-9 Officer is one that no one should overlook as these cops work as long and hard as the two-legged kind, putting themselves in harm’s way out of loyalty and devotion, and we should acknowledge and respect that fact.

Thank you, Officer Lucas.

h/t: Western Journalism

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