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Another day and another so-called “celebrity” is threatening to leave the “Fruited Plains” if Donald Trump is elected president.

The “celebrity” in question this time is close-cropped blond Amber Rose, famous for perhaps displaying her rather ample physical attributes and her countless tell all videos and continued drama with another “so called celebrity” namely Kim Kardashian, famous for being “famous.”

The former stripper has indeed come a long way and quite frankly there seems to be a brain within that attractive head, however as in all things “progressive” common sense and critical thinking doesn’t always “sync’.

During an interview with the Daily Beast the 32-year-old diva who at one time dated “bad boy” Kanye West (another out spoken celebrity train wreck), and was also married to Wiz Khalifa, announced that she couldn’t imagine the Republican front-runner being president.

However if he does Rose declared: “I’m leaving the United States if [Trump] is elected,” Rose said. “F**k it! I’m moving to Canada. It’s over.”

No doubt the list is growing if “The Donald” were to suddenly become “President Trump”

The list which changes daily, now includes, Miley Cyrus, Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie O’Donnell, George Lopez, Al Sharpton, Cher, Eddie Griffin, and others.

Perhaps when “The Donald” does become president, he can instruct one of his sons to give Amber Rose a great discount at one of Trumps deluxe facilities in Canada…right?

h/t: Daily Caller


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