Ever feel like fleeing your state because of the Liberal flood threatening to drown out your last link to Constitutional freedom? You're not alone. The money-pit that is known as California keeps throwing taxpayer funds into the inky blackness of Progressive Leftist agendas, forcing the average freedom loving American with conservative aspirations to relocate to one of the last bastions of independence.

The State of Texas.

To help those unfortunate souls who were raised hip deep in Liberalism, and took the opportunity to wade out of the muck and into cleaner, free air as they resettle their roots in Texas, there is a new handy chart to educate the newly arriving refugees on the local terminology.


This epic guide, designed for the California-to-Texas migration, is a statement born of humor, but drenched with unexpected truth.

At one point in history, Texas used to be an Independent Republic before becoming the 28th state on December 29, 1845. The Lone Star State is one of the few remaining places in the United States where a free market is flourishing. As more companies flee to this place, states like California continue to go into a tax-eating frenzy, bloated with bleary-eyed Liberals seeking more ways to flay vast amounts of money from the hard working backs of their taxpayers.

While Texas is ranked as the second largest in the United States for population, California is ranked the third largest. If the rate of migration keeps up, that will change in the next few decades, and California will be reduced to the wastelands that Liberals love to create. We all must remember that Socialism only works until the state runs out of somebody else's money.

The chart is stacked on both sides of the fence, and you are the only ones left to decide which of those columns are packed with surprising truth, or are only designed to make us laugh.


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