Finally, an elected official who gets it. Unfortunately, not in this country. Jerusalem, Israel, Mayor Nir Barkat, is telling residents to arm up.

You see, he recognizes that it isn’t guns that kill people. It is freaks, terrorists, armed with guns that kill people, and it is a sane person with a gun, trying to protect themselves and others, that can end the advances of the bad guy. In telling the people to gun-up he is telling them to take responsibility for the safety of their nation at the personal level.

While our country’s elected officials are hell-bent on denying us our right to protect ourselves, Israel recognizes this is the only way to ensure one’s safety.

“The mayor encourages licensed gun owners to carry their weapons to increase security. He himself serves as a personal example of this,” the Jerusalem Municipality said in a written statement.

That is novel! In our country our elected officials tell us they are special, and elite, and that only they are entitled to personal protection by gun, and the rest of us need to stop, drop, roll, and cower if confronted by a nut with a gun.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat

Nirkat, who packs a Glock pistol at all times, says,

“Possessing weapons increases the confidence of residents, who know that in addition to police there are many people who are not afraid to intervene.”

Why is this concept so difficult to understand by so many in this country? Who wouldn’t want a good person with a gun standing by ready to save their life?

While those people cower, I’ll take my chances with the 2nd Amendment at my side, proudly stand with Israel, and pray we get some leaders like Nirkat in this nation.

Source: Conservative Post



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