This BRUTAL scene of was caught on tape recently where one thuggish man harassed and assaulted a couple. Luckily for the girlfriend this guy doesn't take kindly to people "punching his girl".

The thug is seen yelling at the couple and engaging them in a shouting match that heated up quickly.

He took it too far however when he decided to punch the girlfriend in the face right next to her boyfriend.

The boyfriend quickly responded by chasing after the cowardly thug and engaging in an all out brawl. Once the boyfriend had had enough of the would-be thug he decided to end the skirmish by picking him up and slamming him into the hard pavement below.

He then proceeded to teach the man a lesson by beating him into submission with the unneeded help of his girlfriend who decided to join in and exact revenge.

This couple gave that wannabe thug something to think about the next time he tries terrorizing anyone else.

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