It should come as no surprise with the recent attack by two home-grown terrorists in Garland, Texas, that America is under siege by radical individuals bent on creating mayhem and claiming to be “Islamic terrorists” and swearing allegiance to the Profit Muhammad, ISIS, or Islam, or whichever entity these loons prefer to honor. However, one thing is certain, these loons are deadly serious.

And while the Garland incident proved that there is indeed a criminal and terrorist threat, there’s also a reaffirmation that America will not be silenced, no matter how many loons come out of the closet as was once again the case in Mesquite, Texas when yet another loon pledged his allegiance to ISIS and lied to the FBI, which is ALWAYS a big “no, no!”

And so Bilal Abood, 37, a licensed security guard was arrested in accordance to a criminal complaint and charged with making a false statement. Abood born in Iraq and a naturalized U.S. citizen, tried to travel to Iraq from D/FW International Airport on March 29, 2013, but was not allowed to board the flight. He was interviewed by FBI agents, claimed he was going to visit family, and denied that he planned to fight for ISIS, the complaint said.

However, he later admitted he planned to go to Syria to fight with the Free Syrian Army against the government, the complaint said.

The following month, he left DFW for Mexico and traveled through various countries to get to Syria. When he returned in September 2013, he admitted to FBI agents that he had stayed in a Free Syrian Army camp and fought with the group, the complaint said.

Obviously with the grim warning from ISIS that “trained soldiers” are now positioned in 15-states and awaiting orders to carry out more terrorist operations, loons like Bilal Abood must be stopped immediately!

h/t: WZ

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