A woman, who identified herself as "Joyce", on a recent call-in portion of the "Washington Journal", is what you might picture as the poster-child for President Obama’s Democratic government: A female, African-American, senior citizen. Only the Democrats could possibly meet the needs of the nation’s senior citizens, women, and racial minorities, right? Well, that’s what Joyce thought – until President Obama moved into the White House. Now, she says she has had enough of the Democratic Party.

In fact, in November, Joyce broke her long-standing tradition of voting for Democrats and instead punched her ballot for the Republican nominee. Joyce explained that she is utterly disappointed with Obama’s leadership on religion, abortion, and wealth distribution.

Joyce told "Washington Journal" host, Greta Brawner, "I have noticed in years what the Democratic Party has done to my people. Unemployment is higher in the black community than anywhere else." Joyce also added, "There’s no way I can continue to say that I was a Christian and stay in the Democrat party," Joyce said. "They advocate the killing of babies, they advocate taking from the doers and giving to the ones sitting doing nothing."

Joyce is among many African Americans across the country who are losing faith in the President and faith in Democratic leadership. A Pew Research Center poll released earlier this month indicated that African American approval of the President has fallen drastically to 57%, while White approval dropped to a stunning 33%.

Joyce’s most poignant comment of the discussion happened when she took on people who complain racism is to blame for opposition to President Obama. "We need to stop that foolishness," Joyce said. "This man is destroying this country and that’s what he intended to do. He said he was going to transform America and that is what he is doing."

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