This scumbag thought it would be cool to buy a $30,000 car, pay for it all in cash, and then take a picture to show off his new purchase. He didn't realize that the only thing this picture actually showed was how much of a leech he really was.


In an unspecified town in Florida this parasite used his no doubt illegal cash to purchase a $30,000 car in cash. He even had some left over and had his friend take a picture of him with the new car and spare cash.

The photo revealed a whole lot more than he bargained for when he left his wallet open in his lap revealing his Florida EBT car, or access card.

The 'Access' program is Florida's welfare program, which means that this piece of garbage definitely acquired at least some of this money illegally, either by underreporting his income so that he could steal your hard-earned money or by other illegal activities.

The system is so broken that welfare leaches like this man are able to take taxpayers' money every month and buy themselves whatever gifts or toys they want, yet liberals across the board continue to insist that they need to take more and more of your money and give it out to anyone who asks for a handout.

It seems like these days everyone is dipping their hands into your pocket, be it scum like this orĀ illegal aliens who somehow are able to reap the fruits of hard working Americans.

If those moronic liberals spent a little more time checking into where our money is actually going and less time into trying to take every nickel and dime that you make, then maybe we wouldn't find pictures of how broken this system is on the internet.

It's time we get someone in office who knows what it means to work hard for your money and earn an honest living.

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Source: Mad World News


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