Michelle Obama has done things during her time in the White House that no First Lady before her ever considered. She's made dancing videos and called out grocery store chains, but the biggest legacy from her tenure will be her huge regulations regarding school lunches.

Michelle, it appears, is even more power hungry than her husband. Her rules regarding school lunches and daycare lunches not only limit the type of food that children can have, but the ages they can eat them and the serving size as well.

We might as well start having our children sip up veggie-protein shakes. It would be a lot less work.

The latest regulations spearheaded by Mrs. Obama concern the "Child and Adult Care Food Program," a program that helps reimburse the cost of feeding children and adults in needy daycare centers and care centers across the country. The USDA estimates that 3.3 million children use the service and over 100,000 adults do as well.

Those children aren't going to be happy, however, when they find out that, under the "final rule" of Michelle's healthy reforms, sugary cereals are out. Under the new guidelines, sugary cereals with more than 6 grams of sugar are banned from consumption. Frosted Flakes, Honey Nut Cheerios, basically any cereal you can think of that a children might want to eat--they're all banned.

A list of allowable cereals are the Nut-Bran-types or plain Cheerios or rice puffs. In other words, the nutrition from the milk and grains of the cereals that the kids were getting--despite eating modest amounts of sugar with their cereal--will now be negated because the children won't even think about eating Bran Flakes.

Have we really reached the point where we feel that the best way the federal government can influence our lives is by saying what types of cereal children can eat in daycare?

It's time for us to revamp Washington. We need to throw out this bureaucracy and use taxpayer money where it can actually have an effect on people's lives and not just tell them what type of food they can eat.

h/t: Washington Free Beacon

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