Would you give up your citizenship to save $80,000? That question was asked recently by Campus Reform correspondent Gabriella Morrongiello on the campuses of both the University of Maryland and at the University of Virginia. The question while hypothetical had many students willing to give up their U.S. citizenship in favor of becoming an illegal alien so that they would be eligible to receive special benefits reserved primarily for illegal immigrants, classified as in-state-tuition students, which would save the average U.S. student nearly $80,000, in tuition costs.

The mock demonstration of renouncing their citizenship had students eagerly signing and then shredding large simulated Social Security cards, and while most of the students went along with the demonstration, a small number felt uncomfortable with giving up their citizenship and actually began asking some insightful questions as to why and how illegal immigrants are entitled to circumvent the process, while native-born are penalized for being American citizens, which in actuality renders them as second class citizens.

One student in particular questioned why this is happening and referenced her parents work ethic; “That’s kind of ridicules that they (illegal immigrants), don’t pay as much as I do, when, like my parents like work hard and all that, you know?”

In a recent study conducted in 2014, found that illegal immigrants in 22-states are now eligible to receive special benefits for lower cost “in-state-tuition” at public colleges and universities.

While progressives continually love to talk about “leveling the playing field”, they also conveniently attempt to blur the issue, in that states such as California, Texas, Maryland and Virginia where Illegal immigrants live are eligible for “in-state-tuition”, while legal immigrants, and U.S. Citizens are not, often costing many thousands of dollars more to simply attend the same universities as their illegal counterpart. However one thing is certain in that this particular immigration issue is sure to be a campaign issue comes 2016.



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