In hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee, testimony came out from anonymous employees who have lost their jobs to foreign guest workers.

One of these workers said that he has paid taxes, worked hard, and that he voted for Obama. Now he wishes he hadn’t.

The worker’s job was filled by a guest worker on an H-1B visa, a visa given to technically proficient foreign workers for anywhere from three to six years. Unfortunately, in other testimonies, the news came out that many American graduates in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and math) can’t find jobs after graduating.

That is alarming. But what is even more alarming is the fact that, amid these unemployment numbers, the Obama administration is working to push forward an increase of H-1B and other worker visas to foreign national workers.

Understandably, these workers who voted for Obama are kicking themselves for making what has amounted to a huge mistake. Right now all they want is a secure job in a growing economy and the Obama administration is giving their jobs away to foreign workers.

If anything, this shows the severity of the disconnect between Obama’s dreams of growth and actual reality. Obama continually preaches about America’s rise out of the recession and the need to grow jobs and opportunities in the technology sector.

Yet his administration appears to be actively working to suppress the growth of American STEM jobs and increase dependency and reliance on foreign workers for jobs that could be filled with American graduates.

While it is true that the workers who enter America on H-1B visas and other technically proficient visas are at least better than the non-skilled, potentially dangerous illegal immigrants who are entering our country from the south, that doesn’t mean that we should give them the open door while denying opportunities to America graduates.



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