Muslims, ever faux-fended by something are up in arms again. This time, over bacon at a mosque. Well militant Muslims, and those who claim Islam is a religion of peace, but do nothing to stop the swell of evil in your ranks, try the following two things, for a start.


Quit going around beheading people, quit killing them in other ways, quit trying to convert people, quit selling and raping people, and you won’t find bacon, “the HORROR!” wrapped around the handles of the door of your mosque.


Quit encouraging terrorism in this country, and around the world, quit trying to establish Sharia Law in America, quit manipulating our government, and again, you won’t find bacon wrapped around anything having to do with your "religion of pieces", or your practice thereof.

Naturally, the FBI has been called in by CAIR to save the day. It is without a doubt that the bacon wrappers will be tracked down.

While one could argue that whoever did this did an unlawful and hateful thing, a lot of the rest of the people could not care less.

When you behead people in this country, such as Colleen Hufford, and try to take the head of Traci Johnson, shoot up our military bases and kill our soldiers, you should be thanking your god that it was only bacon you encountered.

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