In December, thousands of protesters crowded the streets of New York, Washington, and other cities across the country, demonizing the nation’s law enforcement officers. They organized walkouts, road closures, town hall meetings, and other rallies, declaring that all police officers were racist and deserved to die for the deaths of unarmed black suspects.

As the protests were reaching a fever pitch, the worst possible outcome happened. Two NYPD officers were ambushed, while eating lunch in their police cruiser. They were shot and killed; targets of violence simply because they were police officers. This tragedy didn’t dampen the spirit of protesters, who had to be asked to halt their anti-police demonstrations during the police officers’ funerals.

Protesters at these demonstrations continuously shouted "Black Lives Matter". Something they thought the police didn’t already know. However, Police Officers in Phoenix demonstrated that these protests were not only insulting, but also unnecessary.

In December, just weeks before Christmas, 38-year-old Brenda Begay was arrested for the attempted murder of her two black children. She stabbed her 12-year-old daughter and 13-year-old son while they were sleeping. Begay, who had history of abusing her children, later told police that her intent was to send her children to heaven.

Despite multiple wounds to their chests and wrists, the children survived the attack. But, with no family to visit them in the hospital (the children were set to become wards of the state), the Phoenix Police Officers came together to give the two children the Christmas they deserved. A large group of officers visited with the children in the hospital to share some love, smiles, hugs, and presents.


A picture that was posted of the hospital reunion stated, "To say the officers who responded to the home, to that horror, were profoundly affected by the plight of these children would be a huge understatement."

These officers went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the two children felt loved at Christmas – not that the officers would consider their actions "above and beyond". If you asked them, they would say they were doing their job to serve and protect all lives.



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