This is utterly fascinating and it should be inspiring to women around the world, particularly those women trapped in the midst of the tidal wave of blood sweeping the Middle East in the name of Islam, in the form of the depraved ISIS.


The Angels of Death have come to the Middle East in the form of an elite fighting force made up solely of Kurdish women. ISIS, ever the cowards, as they have demonstrated by tying people up and raping or killing them for fear of their defense of themselves, flee at their presence.


As explained by Colonel Nahida Ahmad Rashid, it is literally hell that awaits a Muslim who dies at the hands of a woman. No 72 virgins for those bastards’ souls to traumatize as they do on earth. No it is an afterlife of no fun.


While these women work hard to take out as many of the depraved men as they can, they recognize that there is certainly the possibility they will be captured. So, to address that, Colonel Rashid said, they each carry extra bullets, the singular purpose of which is reserved for them to commit suicide rather than fall into the degenerate throw-back claws of ISIS captors.


In an effort to play down this female led militia, ISIS reported last October that they had beheaded one of the Angels of Death. They even videotaped the display of a Cretan holding the head of a woman, claiming they had killed the Angel Rehana. While it is horrifying to think that the video was not manufactured and some woman was slaughtered to make some insane point, Rehana lives, and she happily slaughters these demons, killing as many as she can.

Where are the feminists of this country? Why are they not heralding these women for their sacrifice? Are the Muslim men of their land supportive? It would seem so, otherwise this group would not exist.


Kurdish efforts are little reported, and they should be much praised by people around the world. The Angels of Death are almost unseen, which ironically, is the way it should be; silently and deadly they cross the desert and send these miscreants to a hell the likes of which that seem only fitting.

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