Pictures have been clogging up news outlets for months now, showing the growing tide of refugees exiting the Middle East for the wealthier environs of Europe. Something is strange about these pictures, though, and hopefully it won't take you too long to pick up on it.

If you take the time to peruse the pictures that the media is spreading, notice that the groups of refugees are all young men.

Now, that's not an attempt to be biased or to insinuate anything, but it is a true-to-life, real conclusion. From the pictures it appears that all of the refugees are young or at least able-bodied men.

This also isn't surprising. Men are typically the breadwinners in their households, at least in most societies. In Middle Eastern society men are given even more responsibility because of the low status and low esteem that they give to the women of their society.

So it should make sense that the men are immigrating to Europe first to find jobs and prepare the way for their families to follow--this type of behavior happens around the world in immigrant situations.

But what is disturbing and different about the Middle Eastern exodus is the fact that it is these same young men who are taking up arms and becoming lone wolf terrorists and gunmen around the world.

Like it or not, young, Middle Eastern, Muslim men are the prime fodder for radical Islam's insane reach. The fact that the immigrant groups making their way into Europe are composed solely of these young men should cause some raised eyebrows.

As if that fear wasn't enough, many of these immigrants are also complaining about the food and the treatment that they're receiving. Some have even claimed that they need faster Wi-Fi connections. Seriously?

It's hard to strike a balance between humanitarianism and logic. But logic here is stating that not all of these young men are immigrating because of job opportunities. At least some of them are terrorists headed for the next target.

h/t: Chicks on the Right

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