“Holly Hobby Lobby”, as she goes by on Twitter, is one sweet, passionate patriot. She is a supporter of the 2nd Amendment and Pro-Life, among her other conservative and personal Christian held beliefs.

Following the Supreme Court Hobby Lobby decision, whereby it was ruled in favor of the craft store chain, that companies such as theirs cannot be required to provide birth control for employees, Holly Hobby Lobby showed her support in a photograph.


She posed while standing in front of a Hobby Lobby store, wearing a pink t-shirt emblazoned with “Pro-Life” while holding a Chick-Fil-A cup. Other photos of her include a July 4th snapshot of the American flag as backdrop, as she stands with a gun and the Bible.

She is a conservative Christian mother of three and as she puts it, she has “…always been extremely conservative and passionate about my views.”

In an age where anyone who balks at the left wing anything-goes agenda is put through an epic smear campaign, she holds her head high.

Given the pressure placed on our young people for conformity to leftist ideology, she is an outstanding example of teaching her children, and the rest of us, what it means to have self-respect and pride as a  American patriot.

We should all take note and speak out loudly and proudly in words and actions such as this.

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