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“Please” say it isn’t so! Can it be true? You mean no more Rosie, no more Whoopi and perhaps an end to lousy ratings.

According to reports from the UK’s Daily Mail, “The View” costars Rosie O’Donnell and Whoopi Goldberg could be dropped if the show continues to receive poor ratings.

And no wonder, anyone who has actually taken the time to view this “train wreck” of a show comes away with the feeling that these are some pretty nasty people, who dislike one another, and apparently have no respect for those coming on the show.

Rather than being professional (yes even “D-List celebrities), and focus on their scheduled segments, rather than the continued “food fights” and personal self-serving and usually ignorant attacks directed towards their guests.

Obviously Rosie and Whoopi are committed far left progressives and that’s fine, however that doesn’t preclude not being respectful of other points of view.

Worst yet these two are perhaps the most uninformed and least knowledgeable people on daytime TV, and quite frankly an embarrassment.

One would think that a major network like ABC would provide these two with some substantive “talking points” to at least sound reasonably intelligent, rather than the current “clown show” that it currently is!

h/t: American News



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