Looks like the arming of our enemy, Iran, with nuclear weapons that we pay for is in trouble.

It turns out that a week ago, Ayatollah Khamenei, went on a rant about how immoral and arrogant the enemy is.

The enemy being the entire world outside of their own border and that of their friendlies in the Middle East, but primarily he was referring to the United States of America;

“This regime is the epitome of global arrogance.”

Yes, arrogance sums up President Obama. Khamenei insists that, as part of our two-pronged approach, the US is trying to create discord throughout the region and exert influence.

Influence? Really? Because, that sure doesn’t look to be the case from across this side of the Atlantic. No, it looks like our President, and his Administration, that often is referred to as a regime by some, is behaving like Iran’s lap dog.

From where Americans sit and only after leaks to the media do we learn more details of this insidious agreement. No, our regime’s approach to the nuclear agreement looks more like our leaders bending over and taking another for the team. Whose team is un-certain.

At one point in the lunatic tirade, the Supreme Leader says America,

“… knows nothing about human morality and it is not ashamed of committing any crime--of any nature.”

If it weren’t for the fact that it is the radical Islam of the Ayatollah’s ilk who go around sawing off people’s heads with dull knives, crucifying all ages, gang raping all sexes and ages, gutting people, tearing their hearts out of their chests and eating them, dismembering, burning, crushing, stoning, and drowning people, and whatever else they do in the name of their god, then this accusation would be laughable. But, it very much is not.

The Ayatollah goes on to say that they,

“…will not allow the Americans to have economic or political influence in our country, nor will we allow them to have a political presence and cultural influence in our country.”

That sure isn’t stopping them from gladly and greedily salivating at our money, so they can build bombs to aim at us and Israel. Only an idiot can’t figure out they plan to take the money and run.

We can only hope this deal goes south, from one side or the other.

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