All too often the news coming out of the Middle East is dark, depressing, and violent. With much of the violence being spurred by religion and hate, it can be hard to believe that any good can come out of that area of the world.

A recent video clip, however, is proving that not only can good come from the Middle East, but it can happen to a soldier--someone engaged in the violence on a daily basis.

What happened is this, a soldier became converted to Christianity while serving in Iraq and wanted to be baptized to show his commitment to his conversion.

With enemies on all sides, this soldier waited for the cover of a foggy day when he, his platoon chaplain, and a friend, ran into the Euphrates River to commemorate his change of heart.

The soldier wanted to be baptized in the Euphrates, not because it was the only water around, but because it is the only river that is mentioned in both the beginning and the end of the Bible. This soldier wanted to make a visible commitment to his faith.

So with danger all around he and his friends sprinted for the river and he was baptized.

What a great example and what a great story to come out of the Middle East.

h/t: Q Political

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