Mexico Immigration Outrage

Immigration to the United States is being seen as an increasingly lucrative and tempting option for people around the world and a recent projection from the Center for Immigration Studies predicts that almost 15 percent of the country will be immigrants by the year 2023.

That’s one in seven people living in America who will have been born and grown up in a country other than America.

What’s even more shocking than this fact is another prediction that immigration will be responsible for three out of four new citizens in the country—that is if all are legally registered and recorded.

Though the study made sure to point out that this increase is, in large part, due to “legal” immigration, the increasing number of illegal immigrants from Central America which have inundated the United States shows the flaws in that statement.

These numbers put forth by the Center for Immigration Studies show that immigration into the United States has never been higher. By 2060 the immigration percentage in the United States will be more than 10 percent higher than in 1990, representing almost 19 percent of the country’s population.

Those are scary numbers, not because all American citizens should become xenophobic, but because it represents a shift in values and worldview.

America was founded upon basic tenets of freedom and liberty, freedom of speech, of religion, and a hundred other vital things that separate our country from the rest of the world.

If immigrants come to the United States illegally or through false pretenses and begin to support causes or faction that aren’t in line with what our Founding Fathers worked so hard to establish, what have these last 200-plus years been for?

America can be a land of opportunity for immigrants and we should welcome those who come legally to bring expertise and job experience into our markets and labor force. But we need to be careful about who we allow in. America’s freedom-filled past demands it.



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