The American welfare system is the jewel of big government's eye and the heart of leftist politics. In the mid 90s, the Republican-controlled congress managed to force welfare reform, and the huge win implemented the “work” requirement into the system. This managed to strong-arm President Clinton, who up until that point, had been on a traditional leftist path to massive government expansions.

So, it is quite absurd that the next lefty to enter the White House, managed to essentially remove this requirement from the law. In 2012, the National Review reported that President Obama signed an executive order that undermined the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program that Welfare Reform put in place.

“Obama administration issued a dramatic new directive stating that the traditional TANF work requirements will be waived or overridden by a legal device called a section 1115 waiver authority under the Social Security law (42 U.S.C. 1315). Section 1115 allows HHS to “waive compliance” with specified parts of various laws. But this is not an open-ended authority: All provisions of law that can be overridden under section 1115 must be listed in section 1115 itself.”

This is, despite the fact, the “Mandatory Work Requirements” are contained in section 407. It is not listed under section 1115, so it begs the question of “How can he do that?”. Good question.

Recently, in a surprise turn of events in the great white leftist north, the Republican Governor of Maine pushed back on the lack of a work requirement. Governor Paul LePage announced last July that Maine will “no longer seek a federal waiver that allows some able-bodied adult to receive food stamps” without having to actually do some work, reports the Portland Press Herald.

“We must continue to do all that we can to eliminate generational poverty and get people back to work. We must protect our limited resources for those who are truly in need and who are doing all they can to be self-sufficient.”

Removing this waiver will mean 12,000 current recipients in Maine could have to start working or “volunteering”. Yes. You heard that correctly. The move by Maine's governor is not as radical as you might think. This means able-bodied adults between 18 and 49 that are not pregnant, have no dependents aka children under 18, and not disabled. They must work or volunteer 20 hours per week.

Sounds reasonable, right? Well, not everyone thinks so. It is hard to get off of addictions, and free rides are not different.

According to the Conservative Tribune, 6,000 of the 12,000 welfare recipients are getting the boot. However, it is not sitting well with the 6,000 freeloaders who do not understand why they are getting kicked off.

One such recipient, Melania, said that she was “just so upset” after the phone call came to tell her that her free ride was over.

“It was a cushion especially for me because I have dietary restrictions; I have a lot of them, and the food is very expensive.”

Melania has been taking $224 per month for doing ...nothing.

It is unfortunately how these things work. Government programs, meant to temporarily assist, become eternal crutches. It is like Ronald Reagan once said the “closest thing to eternal life on earth is a government program”.

Thankfully, if we elect leaders with the force of will and a backbone, we can at the very least limit the scope of these eternal grab bag giveaways.



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