It is just funny how these things play out. The US Herald just reported about the Obama administration's deputy press secretary's seemingly scripted response about how the Taliban are not in fact terrorists. Fox News reported Friday that the Taliban, formerly known as the terrorist organization out of Afghanistan, took credit for an attack that murdered three American contractors and one afghan.

The murders, by the “armed insurgency”, came Thursday night on a military base near an airport in Kabul. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, who identified the suicide terrorist as man from a province nearby, described the entire incident.

"Yesterday in the evening he managed to get to a crowd of invading and infidel American military forces where he turned his gun towards them and opened fire. During the gun battle, Ehsanullah was also murdered by the enemy. Yesterday in the evening he managed to get to a crowd of invading and infidel American military forces where he turned his gun towards them and opened fire."

Apparently, the non-terrorist terrorist, infiltrated the ranks of the Afghan forces in order to stage the attack. He had a police uniform at the time of the murders, according to Mujahid, but the Afghanistan's Defense Ministry said he was wearing an army uniform. The Washington Post reported that Mujahid tweeted the terrorist had "opened fire on invaders" before he was "martyred by return fire." Prior to this terrorist tweet, no one was aware if the Ehsanullah had been killed in the fire fight.

This, amongst other terrorist acts, has been one in a series of events. As far back as 1996, according to a report on Liveleak, the Taliban have been involved in terrorist activities. At their arrival in September 26, 1996, they assassinated Afghan president Najibullah, and castrated him. This was after they beat him, shot him, and dragged him behind a jeep.

According to Reuters, the Taliban committed a terrorist attack in Pakistan that claimed the lives of 48 people in November.

The Taliban is the same group who, like many Islamic extremists, support mutilating women. One such incident occurred in August, 2010, according to the Daily Mail, when a young woman named Aisha attempted to flee “cruel in-laws”. Her husband disfigured her by chopping off her nose and ears. You would think that a girl named Aisha would be sacred to their religion, since nine-year old Aisha was the wife of the prophet Muhammad.

So, what are your thoughts?

Is the Taliban a terrorist group, or merely some “armed insurgency”? Is this choice of words part of the broader explanation as to why President Obama seems inept towards terrorism, or is it something else?

Leave your comments below.


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