Faith in humanity can be restored this week, after more than 12,000 people donated to a GoFundMe page to buy for James Robertson a car.

James Robertson (56) lives near Detroit, Michigan and he's been walking 21 miles to work for the past 10 years after his last car, a Honda, broke down. Last week the Detroit Free Press shared Robertson's story, after being told about it by Blake Pollock, a stranger who noticed Robertson walking along side the road and started to give him a ride. The story touched the hearts of many, and even caused a Evan Leedy, a Wayne State University student, to create the GoFundMe page for Robertson. His original goal was $5,000, but the cause ended up raising over $300,000. Leedy said, "It was incredible, I almost started crying. My goal was just to get him in a 'beater' something to just get him to work and back."

The original story...

Leedy's campaign did more than get Robertson a beater, instead Robertson got a new Ford Taurus. When asked about his new car and why he picked a Taurus he said, "The reason I picked the Taurus, I remember the old Taurus from the 1980s. They never were this fancy or anything, but like me they have a strong heart from the inside. I would like to thank all the people who made all the contributions, you guys are the real heroes as far as I'm concerned."

Robertson isn't the only one with a heart in this story. The outpouring of donations and support shows that people still care about each other and want to help people that are truly in need.

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