The Milwaukee Cannibal - America's notorious serial-killer Jeffrey Dahmer - met his doom in a prison locker room in November 1994 by having his skull smashed with a metal bar.

Now, 21 years after the brutal slaying by fellow corrections inmate Christopher Scarver, the man who did in Dahmer finally confessed his motivation for the crime.

Scarver recently told the New York Post it was personal hatred of Dahmer and disgust over the 17 grisly murders Dahmer was linked to that drove him to seek vigilante justice.

Even more so, it was the sick, sadistic way in which Dahmer treated other inmates, Scarver says.

He said Dahmer drew pleasure taunting prisoners by molding his food to resemble dismembered limbs and then smearing them with ketchup to mimic blood.

That, Scarver says, proved Dahmer held no remorse for his crimes.

On Nov. 28, 1994, Scarver, Dahmer and a third inmate were assigned to clean a bathroom unattended. Scarver said he found a metal bar and followed Dahmer to a staff locker room where he confronted Dahmer with a newspaper article describing the murders.

As Dahmer desperately searched for an exit, Scarver swung at Dahmer with the bar, crushing his skull and killing the 34-year-old serial murderer. Scarver also dispatched the other inmate in the same manner and was convicted for the double slaying. He is now doing hard time in a federal penitentiary writing poetry.

Ironically - some might say it was an ill-fated encounter - Scarver and Dahmer entered Wisconsin's Columbia Correctional Institution just weeks apart. Dahmer was killed while serving only three years of 16 life sentences.

Sincere or not, Dahmer made an attempt to turn his life around by becoming a fundamentalist Christian.

In 1994, Wisconsin minister Roy Ratcliff received an unexpected phone call from the prison that Dahmer wanted to be baptized. After the baptism Ratcliff held weekly meetings with Dahmer until his brutal demise.

The minister said he was convinced of Dahmer's faith.

Whether that matters may not seem important to some when considering the 17 men and boys whose lives Dahmer snuffed out in the cruelest and most despicable of ways. Dahmer not only killed his victims, he ate their flesh, had sex with dead bodies, and preserved dismembered body parts in a freezer as trophies.

Justice - even for Dahmer - may not always be swift or seem fair, but it usually gets the job done in the end.

h/t: mrctv

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