In November when President Obama announced his executive order for amnesty, people were outraged, and the GOP vowed to take action, and take action they did. Last week the House of Representatives voted to overturn the executive order in a vote of 236-191.

When Obama made the executive order, it was clear that he wasn't thinking about the fiscal repercussions of his action; but then again when has Obama ever thought about the budget or the cost of his actions? He definitely didn't care about the strain the cost of Obamacare would have on the nation. The cost of illegal immigration is monstrous, in 2010 it was reported by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) that illegal immigration cost U.S. taxpayers over $1 billion. The cost comes from medical expenses, education, and other areas.

In 2014 FAIR released another study that broke down more of the costs of illegal immigration. FAIR estimated that the cost of educating children that are illegal immigrants in 2014 was $761 million to U.S. taxpayers. Under Obama's executive amnesty order, these children would all become automatic citizens of the United States, which would mean this cost wouldn't go away, it could also be argued that there's potential for it to increase once the United States is seen as more of a safe haven for illegal immigration than it already was.

The cost of amnesty doesn't only come from education, it will also come from the infrastructure necessary to process the estimated 5 million people who will qualify for amnesty. FAIR has estimated that it will require 300,000 man hours to process the influx of people applying for amnesty. The question has been asked if the current infrastructure can even handle that workload right now. But Obama just sees it as people trying to play politics:

The monetary aspects of illegal immigration and an open border aren't the only concerns. At a time when the threat of terrorism is elevated, the borders need to be secured in order to keep the nation safe. Unfortunately, the Southern border is anything but secure. Everyday people pass through the border into the country without being documented, and the whole world knows of this issue. It's the perfect place for anyone on the watch list to enter into the country with a lesser chance of being apprehended by the authorities.

With a GOP controlled House and Senate there's still hope that the United States will become more secure along the border, and instead of having a "do nothing Congress" Obama will be seen for what he really is a "do nothing" president.


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