Perhaps the tag line to this story should read “extremely foolish!” Or perhaps better yet “lesson learned” when a Tennessee woman decided to take her outspoken criticism of Islam a step further and post a sign on her car window. Indeed a stupid and foolish move that got her fired from her job at a Belk outlet in Chattanooga, Tennessee and also banned from the mall for a year.

Freedom of speech is all well and good, and a vital part of our American heritage, however too publicly insult a group of people with crude and graphic language, and foolishly paste it to the side window of your own auto, is quite frankly a “stupid move”.

And Heidi Grubbs quickly found that out the hard way when the store management fired her stating; "Heidi, You have seriously violated our policy which clearly prohibits harassments of our associates and customers for their religious affiliations and their national origin by displaying your signs on our parking lot and sending your disparaging texts to our associates," said the termination notice Grubbs provided to Examiner. "What you have done is highly offensive and intolerable. For that reason you are being terminated immediately."

And rightly so, and aside from Grubbs crude behavior, imagine for a moment what might have happened if someone decided to take that inflammatory sign as an excuse to do violence against Grubbs or worst yet target the store, “stupidity” at times does have unintended consequences.

Grubbs said she refused to apologize for her comments and her sign. She punctuated that by signing the termination notice, "Proud American standing up for my rights 100%."


Apparently the strongly worded sign was even too graphic to show on local newscasts; however a portion was provided which reads; "I eat bacon," says one slogan on the sign. "I spit in Mohammed's face," reads another line.



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