“Bulldog indeed, and that’s what it will take to dislodge Madam Clinton from her perch!

And perhaps this new batch of 4,000 pages of documents just received by the House Select Committee will do just that, and who better to lead the investigation then Rep. Tray Gowdy a tenacious, persistent and at times obstinate lawyer who can also easily disarm you with that “good ol boy” southern charm, however what makes Gowdy extremely dangerous to the likes of Hillary is his incredible knowledge of the law and how it applies to the Constitution. And his innate ability to navigate through complex legal issues and makes everyone understand it.

The House Select Committee first subpoenaed the documents two years ago and while the South Carolina Republican declined to characterize the nature of those documents, they do include communications from the State Department's Benghazi Accountability Review Board (ARB). Which initially investigated the September 11th 2012 assault that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others, however as the details of the tragic event unfolded the then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton along with the administration created an immediate disinformation campaign, stonewalling, distorting facts and  fabricating details of the attack and their response, before during and after.

There’s no doubt that Gowdy has a lot of work to do "The Benghazi committee continues to build the most comprehensive and complete record on what happened before, during, and after the Benghazi terrorist attacks," Gowdy said.

He continued: "The committee will provide the final, definitive accounting of what happened with regards to Benghazi, reaching conclusions based solely on facts," he added. "Getting this production from State’s Benghazi ARB is an important part of ensuring the committee has access to all the facts."

Make no mistake Rep. Gowdy is well aware that this is high stake political drama in that he will be interrogating a high-ranking former Secretary of State for an administration that’s still in power, and someone who may become president of the United States…it doesn’t get any better for a ‘BULLDOG!”

h/t: NewsMax

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