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Move over Betsy Ross, the “stars and stripes” are about to perhaps get a "face-lift"!

According to recent reports, a 90-year-old Navy Vet who served during World II is on a mission to improve our flag.

Samuel J. Kapral loves America, and claims that he has always been concerned by the limited space for stars of the flag.

“Why are they such a limited area?” he told WCBS-TV, claiming that from a distance they are unrecognizable. “I know some people are very sentimental about this.”

No doubt a point well taken, however in all fairness back in 1776 when George Washington visited George Ross (a relative of Betsy's), with a crude sketch of his vision for the flag, there were only 13 colonies and soon-to-be states…and of course America was a far different country then.

Kapral started to redesign the flag about four years ago, finally settling on a look that expands the blue field for the stars to nearly half of the flag. His own son doubts that the new design will gain traction.

“That’s his proposed design?” one New Yorker told WCBS after being shown the design. “No, why should we change it?”

Some argue that the flag is highly symbolic of our country, and people are too attached to the current design to alter it.

h/t: American News



The American Flag Is Getting A Redesign… Do You Support This Change?"]
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