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The obvious failure of not enforcing existing immigration laws combined with this administration's willful, dangerous and arrogant ideology of open borders should actually be the lead story to this unfolding yet predictable nightmare of illegal aliens kidnapping children and pretending to be a “family” with the hope of crossing the border – simply the latest atrocity being committed by “criminal illegal aliens.”

This stunning admission by the Obama Administration of children being kidnapped because of its lax enforcement policies is simply the latest mind-boggling and convoluted twists of explanations perhaps better suited for a psychiatrist’s couch, and yet the administration apparently had no misgivings in acknowledging to the federal appeals court that children are indeed being kidnapped.

This criminal action of kidnapping children apparently began when administration policy of detaining “illegal immigrant families” as opposed to individuals, was suddenly reversed to allow those families to be released quickly, which apparently set the stage for enterprising criminal illegal aliens to gain access by simply grabbing a child and forcing them across the border.

Leon Fresco, a deputy assistant attorney general who handles immigration cases, made the stunning acknowledgement to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, then going on to say; “When people now know that when I come as a family unit, I won’t be apprehended and detained, we now have people being abducted so that they can be deemed as family units, so that they can avoid detention.”

However Fresco’s claim seems at best quite murky as to whether children are being actually abducted, and he did not respond to follow-up inquiries, nor did the agency that handles detention and deportation issues, refusing to comment on this matter, citing on-going litigation.

However one thing is crystal clear –  this administration has created a crisis both to our national security interests and within the fundamental process of honest governance.

Do you think the Obama administration should be held responsible for these kidnappings due to its  refusal to enforce immigration laws?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Washington Times


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