Sheriff Parnell McNamara

For the vast majority of normal individuals, it wasn’t all that long ago, when we heard a phrase such as “all lives matter” we thought of it as a positive loving encompassing an inclusive statement, in that everyone’s life had purpose and should be celebrated regardless of race, age, sexual orientation or gender. Now fast forward to today and that innocent phrase that might have been spoken just a few short years ago has taken a life all its own, among the politically correct and entitlement class.

Leave it to progressives and race hustlers to cleverly create a subtext of words and phrases, specifically designed to change the underlying or implicit meaning of those words and phrases original intent.

And that’s perhaps where McLennan County’s top law enforcement officer, Sheriff Parnell McNamara, finds himself.

It seems that the hapless sheriff isn’t up to speed with the continued changes taking place within the race baiting world of political correctness, and he’s now paying the price.

His “carnal sin” was to purchase a full-page ad, in the Hometown News that says “All Lives Matter,” which of course has set off a firestorm of protests from the usual cast of characters

McNamara acknowledged he bought the ad because of what he believes, saying:
“I remember talking to someone about ‘All Lives Matter,’ because it aggravated me when someone said ‘All Lives Matter’ is a racial slur. All lives matter. Your life matters, mine, police, John Q citizen. It doesn’t matter what color you are. Every human being has a right to live.”

And no doubt most traditional Americans feel exactly the same way; however Sheriff McNamara works within a political environment where the political establishment sets the rules governed by what is currently politically correct, and publicly stating that “all lives matter” is now considered a racist statement within the bastions of progressive orthodoxy.

And making that point was Jo Welter, Community Race Relations Coalition board chairman, saying; “You can say, ‘All lives matter,’ but the fact is throughout our history, and even currently, we do not value black lives as much as we do other lives.”

Then Welter went on to carefully cherry pick data that bolstered his ridicules claim.

“Black Lives Matter” is divisive and counterproductive, State Rep. Charles “Doc” Anderson said.
“It doesn’t help the issues. It’s inflammatory, and I think it’s intended to be so,” he said. “Most members of the black community realize that all lives matter.”

McNamara added,
“I know of no police officer that puts his badge and gun on in the morning and goes to work wanting to hurt someone or kill someone,” he said. “We have black police officers that have been killed. It’s a movement against police out there that’s absolutely wrong.”

Sheriff’s office Sgt. Lionel McGee, put it all together. He is a black police officer who does not support BLM. He said some in the BLM movement will never support police. He said,

“I tell people all the time, the incident that sparked all this with Michael Brown in Ferguson, I probably would have done the same thing. You know, that’s what started it. The deal with (Eric) Garner in New York. He was 300-something pounds. I had this argument with my own sister. How come Mr. Garner couldn’t have said, ‘Hey, y’all caught me selling illegal cigarettes on the street. You got me and put my hands behind my back, and let’s go to jail.’ He’d still be alive today.

“If somebody’s fighting and struggling with you and you’re trying to arrest them and you’re doing everything in your power to arrest them, and that person don’t want to go and they happen to die or get injured or get seriously hurt, I can’t see that as being my fault.”

Do you agree with this Sheriff's ad that states "All Lives Matter" or is this an insult to the black community?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: Waco Tribune

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