Texas cops were called to a local Walmart in Amarillo, TX when a Muslim gunman took hostages and started unloading his weapon. The surrounding businesses were shut down including a daycare full of innocent children.

After police secured the immediate area they were able to close on the Walmart where the shooter was holding hostages and fire their own weapons to incapacitate and fatally wound the gunman.

It was once they got closer that they discovered something truly disturbing.

SWAT approached the situation with extreme caution seeing as the gunman had "soft target" hostages. Since the Orlando shooting was such a recent event SWAT was already on high alert and able to quickly jump into action.

They received the call this afternoon saying that a gunman at the Walmart on Georgia street in Amarillo had been occupied by a Somali Muslim and that he was holding hostages.

While innocent bystanders fled the scene the gunman was able to take a few employees hostage and garrison the Walmart.

Even after the police arrived and surrounded the building creating a standoff the gunman would not leave his garrisoned location but according to one witness he did eventually let the store manager and one other employee go while he remained inside.

The gunman was still a very high threat to the surrounding population and SWAT was forced to use lethal force in order to subdue the rabid Muslim.

Luckily the only casualty in this situation was the Muslim terrorist.

The Sheriff's office is denouncing this attack as an act of workplace violence suggesting that the shooter may have been a former Walmart employee.

Authorities have said very little about the shooting potentially to curb the hysteria that could follow a second shooting so close to the Orlando attack.

Either way, workplace violence or second terrorist shooting everyone must be weary and stay vigilant of any potential threat. We are living in a dangerous time right now and until we get a president that is willing to bring this war on terror to the ISIS doorstep no one is safe.

Share and show just how desperate the situation is in our country. We need a president who will keep us safe from lunatics like this. Obama sure hasn't done so and neither will Hillary.

Source: Mad World News

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