We have come to be brain-washed as a nation that if we oppose any form of Islam, even cruel “jokes” like the count-down fake-bomb “clock” built by the son of a Middle Eastern Iman and taken to school, that we are Islamophobic.

In an effort to convince us that we are a bunch of Islamophobes, in addition to all the other “phobes” we are called, we are attacked and lambasted in the courts of public opinion.

Such is the case with Irving, Texas, Mayor Beth Van Duyne. Ms. Duyne has been drug through the mud-filled gutter that is the mainstream media (MM) for doing something as simple as standing up for her community’s law enforcement and the actions they took in arresting the wannabe clock-bomb builder, Ahmed Mohammed.

Unfortunately for the MM, Irving, Texas, under the leadership of Mayor Duyne, is as she says it is; among “the most diverse zip codes in America,” inclusive of white and black, Hispanic and Asian, of varying faiths, and a healthy percentage of those among the Muslim faith. Not only that, but Irving is the 5th safest city in Texas (Census Bureau).

Yet, because of one loser Islam lobbying Imam and his wannabe-Jihadi son, Mayor Duyne and her community are made a mockery of by liberal cable “news” talking-heads, because as far as the MM is concerned facts don’t matter.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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