The sheriff departments across the Texas county landscape are in for a rude awakening. Governor Greg Abbott is not messing around when it comes to protecting his citizens from illegal alien crime.

In fact, he just announced that he will be stripping grant funding to county sheriff departments who carry-on a sanctuary city policy.

Grant funding is available to county sheriff departments, courtesy of the Criminal Just Division, and under the policy purview of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Eligibility requires a catch and release program on par with that of ICE.

This is a classic example of how when smaller forms of government willfully accept a handout, they put on the chains of servitude. Federal money comes with adherence to federal agencies’ rules. You play by those rules, or do not receive money.

Given that very basic premise, Governor Abbot is heading the money train off at the pass. No longer will state grant money, via the CJD, flow to the sanctuary sheriff’s departments.

Our country was built on the principle of the smallest form of government as the strongest form of government. As such, Governor Abbot is well within his right as the governor of his state, civil servant to his state citizenry, to do exactly what he is doing.

Especially in light of the federal government, ICE, and the DOJ doing absolutely nothing to enforce the laws on the books.

It is no surprise that illegal aliens are wandering around the country and some are committing crimes. While many crimes are minor offenses, some are major felonies ranging from drunk driving to cold blooded murder.  

This has to stop, and we should all toast Governor Abbott of the great state of Texas for taking a stand. We should all put pressure on our respective state leadership to take a similar stand.

Only then can we take back our country, whip our employees, the federal government, into shape, and re-establish the law of the land, as opposed to the willy-nilly nature of D.C.

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