It seems that history is once again repeating itself, however this time rather than fighting for its independence on the battlefield, this time the battle is taking place within the halls of the Texas State House, with a bill that would repeal HB1403 allowing in-state college tuition to illegal immigrants, better known as the “Dream Act”.

The law was originally passed in 2001 under then Gov. Rick Perry, granting illegal immigrants the ability to obtain in-state college benefits, if they graduated high school, and lived in the state for 3-years.

However the vote to repeal is only a first step within the legislative process, the measure  would need to clear several hurdles before it can become state law, and as predicted the vote to repeal ran across party lines, however it did advance out of subcommittee with a 2-1 vote, however in order to become law it must now pass a full committee hearing and be approved by both houses and then signed by the governor.

Texas was the first state to enact the law, since then similar laws have been enacted in 16 other states; however Wisconsin has since successfully repealed its own version of the Dream Act, and if successful Texas would become the second.

Of course the debate whether to help fund illegal aliens to better educate themselves, is a heated and at times passionate debate among conservatives; “We need to be educating these children because they will become a drag on our society…Texas voted on it. And I still support it today,” Perry said during the 2011 republican presidential debates.

However Rep. Mark Keough sees it another way; “The magnet that drives illegal immigration is partly caused by providing benefits like in-state tuition to those who have violated federal and state laws.”

Obviously both are correct in their assertions, however with the lack of leadership coming out of Washington to actually solve the immigration issue, it’s up to state governments to solve the problem…and like it or not Texas is in the eye of the immigration storm.



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