If anything this election has demonstrated the wide chasm that exists between those that believe in big government and those that believe in individual rights, and whether that gulf can ever be bridged remains to be seen.

Moreover the election of Donald Trump further illustrates just how far traditional Americans are willing to ignore whatever negative narrative the mainstream media attempts to highlight, and actually go with their own gut instincts in assessing their new president, which further demonstrates the distrust average Americans have against the so-called “4th estate” and of course the political establishment.

No doubt President-elect Trump’s campaign promise to “drain the swamp” especially involving illegal criminal aliens hiding within protected sanctuary cities, will hopefully be his first priority.

And the fact that progressive politicians have fired the fist volley, warning and even threatening the incoming administration with apparently  nothing more than meaningless progressive bluster, simply demonstrates just how “out of touch”, the mayors of these cities like Chicago, New York, and Austin truly are.

In Texas for example Governor Greg Abbott was responding to a question on Twitter concerning the city of Austin which is apparently a sanctuary city, and run by mindless progressives, and President-elect Trumps promise to defund those cities that refuse to comply with federal immigration laws.

No doubt Governor Abbott and many like-minded conservative governors are caught between a rock and a hard place, in their attempt to walk a fine line.

Abbott is the “Chief Executive” of his state, and as such needs to use his legislative powers to force local mayors to comply, and it should be clear to all elected officials in all branches of government these individuals are actually “criminals” who have committed violent crimes, and those public officials who harbor known felons or use subterfuge as a means to impede federal authority are equally guilty under federal law of obstructing justice and should be held legally accountable.

Moreover when a mayor of a major city proclaims definitely to criminal illegal aliens: , “you are safe in Chicago, you are secure in Chicago and you are supported in Chicago,” “Chicago will always be a sanctuary city.”

Then the battle lines have been drawn, so let the games begin!

Do you think sanctuary cities should be outlawed nation wide?

Let us know your thoughts and if you demand our elected officials uphold the law in the comments below.

Source: Red State

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