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“Legally” taking a life, no matter how deprived isn’t an easy task. However as harsh as the death penalty is, in that there are no “do overs,” it is a necessary ingredient within any civil society.

Especially when America is facing an epidemic of carnage inflected by thousands of illegal criminal aliens, and a federal government that has done little in protecting the rights of average American citizens.

Moreover this is the end result of willful malfeasance by those within the highest office of the federal government…and in particular President Obama, who has all but abdicated is responsibility as Commander and Chief, in protecting the homeland.

Despite those political talking heads like Jeb Bush, who claims that few illegal immigrants are violent criminals, the DHS says otherwise, in that nearly 70,000 illegal immigrants with criminal records have been detained, without being deported…that’s 70,000!

Texas recently made headlines for executing one such immigrant, who ended up murdering a Baylor University history professor and attacking his wife, after entering the States.

The man, Ramiro Hernadez-Llamas, was lethally injected at the age of 44, in a death chamber in Huntsville, Texas.

Hernadez-Llamas was guilty of slaying Glen Lich, who had employed him just 10 days earlier to work on renovations of his ranch property. Hernadez-Llamas proceeded to beat Lich to death with a piece of steel rebar, and then continued on to attack Lich’s wife with a knife. She was ultimately the one to testify against him.

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