During the presidential election some Conservative elector traitors actually promised that they would not be voting for Trump, even after he was named the presidential nominee. One of these traitors was Texas elector Chris Suprun. This moron is one of the 36 electors in the massive Republican state of Texas, and as soon as he vowed to go against Trump, outrage erupted as many Americans were disgusted by this decision, but when people started to look into Suprun's personal life, that's when the real disdain came about.

It didn't take long after the treasonous Texan stepped into the spotlight that some of his darkest and most disturbing secrets began to reveal themselves.

He began to draw a lot of attention to himself after writing in an op-ed in the New York Times discussing his move to become a "faithless elector."

In addition to having ties to extremist leftist groups, most notably, Van Jones and the domestic terror group Black Lives Matter, he also has a doozie of a dirty laundry list from his personal life, that would make any moral person's skin crawl.

Mad World News reported that "Suprun had joined Ashley Madison to have an affair back in 2012." As if cheating on your wife wasn't bad enough, Suprun did it while his wife stayed home with their three children, all younger than 10.

It only gets worse, Suprun really knew how to go for the weak points because according to the report obtained via Got Report, Suprun joined the site only a couple of months after filing for bankruptcy.

“Suprun joined and paid for cheating website Ashley Madison in 2012, using the same address registered to his 9/11 charity, while bankrupt, likely unemployed, and married with three young kids, after he and his working wife owed over $200,000 to multiple creditors,” Zero Hedge reported.

This closet of skeletons almost resembles some of the characteristics that we grew to know and love from Hillary: lying, dishonesty, misappropriation of funds, flip-flopping, and just being a regular scumbag.

Ever since the truth about the man's personal life has been revealed, Americans everywhere have been trying to remove him. This type of behavior cannot be accepted in our society Suprun should definitely not be in any position of influence. we already have some pretty despicable role models in our country, most notably our current (although not for long) president.

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Source: Mad World News

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